The GTA works closely with all official bodies that come into contact with the Gun Trade


Firearms Legislation
The GTA has permanent links with MPs and Members of the Lords and regularly lobbies Parliamentarians on behalf of its Members.
The Home Office
The GTA is in constant touch with the Home Office on firearms licensing matters and is able to negotiate issues on Members' behalf.
ACPO Firearms Licensing
The GTA plays an active role in defending its Members on licensing matters and deals with local Firearms Licensing Managers on a daily basis.
Proof Authorities
The GTA works closely with the Proof Authorities and is in regular touch with both the London and Birmingham Proof Houses.
Exporting Firearms & Ammunition
The GTA is a Member of the DTI Export Control Advisory Committee and assists in both policy and individual licensing situations.
Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
The GTA, along with its partners in the BSSC, is actively involved with the HSE on such issues as the transport of dangerous goods and the storage and manufacture of explosives.

Close contact, and liaison, with all of the above bodies enables the Association to offer its Members advice, guidance and support which is second to none.

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Importing Firearms & Ammunition
The GTA liaises with both the DTI and HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of its Members on the importation of firearms.