Interested in joining the GTA?

If your business is in, or related to,  the Sporting and Recreational Gun Trade you are most welcome to apply for membership of the Association.  

There are four categories of membership.   A brief summary is shown below, but please be sure to read the document detailling the benefits of, and criteria for, each category  which may be opened by clicking this button: 


To apply for Full Membership of the GTA each applicant needs to provide the names of two sponsors, both of whom are current, Full Members of the Association. 

For those who have been trading less than a year, and are therefore unable to provide Sponsors, the category of Probationary Membership is available. This enables those starting out in business to enjoy the benefits of membership for one year, while they build the contacts necessary to obtain sponsorship.

Businesses based overseas may apply for Associate Membership. Please contact the Secretariat by email or telephone to receive more information.

For those businesses that are affiliated to the Gun Trade by providing it with goods or services and therefore rely, at least in part, on its continued success.

All new applications for Membership are put before the GTA Council at their regular meetings.

Ready to apply?

The process is straightforward and should take no more that 5 minutes of your time:-

Please contact the GTA Secretariat and ask for a Membership Pack to be posted to you.


1.    Download the appropriate Application form by clicking the button at the top of this page.

2.    Print one copy of the Application form.

3.    Complete all questions and provide as much information about your business as possible.

4.    Remember to sign and date the back of the form before posting it to the address on the back.

5.    Please include a copy of your RFD (if applicable).

6.    Send no money with your paperwork.  We will send an invoice when your application is approved.

When your Application has been received at the office we will advise you of the Council meeting at which your application will be discussed. For Full Membership applications we will contact your Sponsors and arrange for completion of the necessary paperwork.  Shortly after the Council Meeting we will write to you with Council's decision and prepare a New Member Welcome Pack for posting.

Please note that while we are pleased to receive Application paperwork by fax, it is essential that we have the original documentation to put before Council.

If you have any queries about applying for membership, please don't hesitate to call the Secretariat
 on 01684 291868 for help and advice.